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These are questions that I get asked all of the time.
  Q: How long have you been doing balloons?
A: I have been twisting since 1991, but have only been creating large sculptures since 2001.
  Q: How did you learn to twist balloons?   A: I taught myself how to twist balloons just by playing with them and experimenting with techniques of how to make different twists.
  Q: How do you get your ideas for your sculptures?   A: I basically think of unique items that I feel would be neat to try and create. Customers also give me ideas of what they want created.
  Q: Do you draw out plans for sculptures? A: All of the sculptures I create are only conceptualized in my head, and are never preplanned. This way I am not tied down to a specific "look" of a model.
  Q: Why did you start balloon twisting?   A: I started balloon twisting for stress relief, and found it soothing, so I continued it as fun hobby.
  Q: What kind of balloons do you use?   A: I usually use Qualatex 260q (2" x 60") balloons to create all of my sculptures. I also use 5"/7"/9" round balloons. Occasionally I also use geos and hearts.
  Q: Where do you get your balloons?   A: I get most of my balloons from a local clown shop/magic store, but also online.
  Q: How long do the sculptures last?   A: There are many factors that contribute to the longevity of a sculpture. The ideal condition for balloons is a constant 65įF - 68įF. Balloons also oxidize(white haze) when exposed to cigarette smoke, or constant touching. When the ideal conditions are met a sculpture can last 2+ weeks.
  Q: How long do sculptures take to create? A: The average time spent on most sculptures is between 2 - 3 hours and as long as 9 hours.
  Q: What is your favorite sculpture? A: To date my favorite sculpture is the one titled "If They Roamed Today!!!". This sculpture was created for a competition for TJAM on the road out west. The rule was anything you can get through the door. The sculpture took 9 hours and 240 balloons to complete.
  Q: Why should I buy a sculpture? A: A balloon sculpture is an organic creation that is time limited. When you think about gifts that are organic and time limited you think of flowers, a balloon sculpture is better because it a conversation piece, and can be customized to match the person receiving it.
  Q: Do you have a book or video? A: I am currently writing a book that will teach how to create animals out of multiple balloons. I later plan to write a book on creating large sculptures. I am currently not planning a video.
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